Typically, a metal detector is a specialized tool designed to detect metal objects - usually underground. Nonetheless, its method of functionality isn’t as easy as you might think. The ground is covered with numerous obstacles, including a ton of ion debris. So, how exactly do you use metal detectors to find valuable things? Read through to find out everything you need to know about them in this metal detector guide. You will get to learn about: what is the best metal detector in the market, how much they cost, where to buy metal detectors, and how to use a metal detector. You will be able to pick up any hidden metal object with the device and, hopefully, find your hidden treasures.

Garret ACE 400 Pro-Pointer II Special

 Garret ACE 400 Pro-Pointer II Special

 If you are looking for advanced metal detectors for sale, the ACE 400i is the way to go. The updated models feature the Garrett Pro-Pointer II designator, which features a myriad of new features, including a digital target identifier.  Additionally, it is also equipped with an operating frequency that can be raised to 10 kHz, a more detailed setting for iron discrimination, collect clamps, and many more. Note that the updated model inherits all its features from the ACE series and at the same time, integrates new upgrades.

Like in the previous models, the DD oil boasts a good grip, especially in the expensive instruments. What’s more, with the introduction of the new and sophisticated operating frequencies, the instruments are likely to have better prospects for anyone searching for jewelry, coins, or non-ferrous metals.

As mentioned earlier, the ACE 400i is an upgrade of the ACE series. Its introduction served as a replacement for the famous EURO ACE 350. It featured additional packages such as a protective cover on the unit as well as on its coil and a pair of Garret headphones. Apart from being one of the easiest to use metal detectors for sale, the exceptional Garrett 400i features one of the best performances in its category. 

It is worth noting that the Garrett 400i has a higher frequency compared to other models, including the ACE 200i, 300i, and the legendary 350i. Also, the higher the frequency a metal detection model features, the higher the depth of detection on both medium and small targets. Apart from improved features and high frequencies, the Garrett 400i features new and advanced digital target identifier and an indicator. It not only operates on the discrimination scale but also features a multi-tone audio response feature. The audio feature allows you to comfortably pinpoint the position of the object and excavate it manually and with more accuracy. 

Why should I buy the Garratt 400i?

  • The main reason why you should buy this gadget is the sound of its iron. It allows you to hear the sound from its signal.
  • It has a high operating frequency. It features a 10 kHz, which provides improved sensitivity for anyone looking for targets with a medium or low conductivity.
  • The device features an adjustable frequency, which provides little or no interference from other devices
  • It boasts an exceptional design due to the improved clips incorporated on the collected clips on its rod
  • Its DD coil is moisture-proof and provides a wide resistance to mineralization, a wide capture, and good depth
  • Thanks to its arbitrary discrimination, segments on the scale can comfortably allow you to tune your devices to your desired type of target
  • The depth indicator of the coin is fundamental to ensuring the location and depth of the object is evaluated
  • Although it differs from the US version, the largest scale is measured based on the needs of the majority of search engines on the internet
  • It is compatible with the majority of ACE coils
  • The difference between the American 400 and the European 400i is only the medium and low tones sound as well as increased accuracy in the setting of ion discrimination.

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

 Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV Metal Detector

Tracker IV is all about diversity. It operates in a dynamic model, which also means that for the tracker to work, it should operate in motion. It is quite hard for the tracker to work if it operates in a static motion. Tracker IV has three choices of operation.

  1. All metals (ALL METAL) - As the name suggests, it is all about selected several metal options. When you choose this mode, the detector will detect all metals, including gold, steel, aluminum, and iron.
  2. Full Discrimination (DISK) - This three-way switch is located at the left side of the detector. When this mode is selected, metal debris will be automatically ignored.
  3. Tone Description (TONE) – This three-way switch is located at the right side of the machine. This mode is ideal for searching in littered places. It is capable of determining the type of metal found.

Why should I buy it?

  • It is designed to track larger items up-to a depth of 90 cm and small coins to a depth of 20cm.
  • It features an automatic installation to the ground to help improve sensitivity.
  • It has three modes of operation.
  • The two knobs feature improves the smooth change of sensitivity as well as the discrimination levels.
  • Brocken sound signals, as well as the 2-tone feature, allow metals to be easily identified and picked up from the ground.
  • It comes with a headphone jack.
  • It has a big battery with a status indicator.
  • The Tracker IV has a 20cm search coil.
  • Its weight in the working condition is 1.35kg.

RM RICOMAX Metal Detector

 RM RICOMAX Metal Detector

Are you looking for top-rated metal detectors capable of detection gold and silver jewelry? Look no further, RICOMAX is the way to go. This metal detector is quite powerful and is regarded as the best-rated metal detector. It is equipped with versatile features, including an LCD display, super slow sweep indication feature, PP button, and many more. Widely known as gold detectors, they are also used to detect copper, aluminum, and other rare metals. Besides, the best thing about RM RICOMAX is that you can comfortably pinpoint the metal you need accurately and ignore certain metals. All you need to do is set the target range - up to 7.2 inches deep and pick up what you want. Note that the crossed frame indication is for items eliminated.

Why you should buy RM RICOMAX metal detector

  • It has an LCD display designed to show the most probable metal, its depth, level of SENS, depth of the target, range of DISK&NOTCH, as well as its battery condition.
  • 3 Tone Audio Discrimination feature. Its purpose is to detect sound in three distinct tones. These tones can either be low, high, or medium. Each sound is distinct to every metal.
  • It has a NOTCH feature. Its main purpose is to ignore certain metals and pinpoint only the desired type.
  • Its DISC feature is capable of eliminating unwanted targets, thereby ignoring certain metals.
  • It has a lighting mode to view in the dark.
  • The PP or pinpoint feature is capable of locating targets accurately.
  • RM RICOMAX is equipped with a Super Slow Sweep Identification feature to ensure the search coil picks up the desired metals accurately.
  • It comes with high-quality 3.5mm headphones to enable users to listen to the indicators without any difficulty.
  •  Its 250mm waterproof search coil enables its users to use the detector even in wet conditions.
  • Although it can be immersed in shallow waters, it is imperative to note that it cannot be used in the rain.
  • Its adjustable shaft enables individuals to adjust the length of the shaft based on their height for comfortable use.
  • A 9-volt alkaline battery powers RICOMAX.

This professional metal detector is specifically designed for anyone looking to search for metals underwater. It is a simple and easy-to-use gadget with numerous exceptional features including a superfine retune speed feature. Other additional features include Sensitivity, Pinpoint, Discrimination, Notch, and many more. Additionally, the underground metal detector also features an n Fe-Tone adjustable ion audio, which allows users to comfortably set the desired volume of their ferrous targets lower than the non-ferrous. Its main purpose is to improve clarity. Apart from that, the F4-Tone Audio-ID System enables users to identify metals buried deep underneath easily.

Why should I buy Fisher 22?

  • Its search coil is waterproof
  • It uses two batteries rated AA
  • It uses an adjustable audio metal identification feature to detect objects
  • It has a 9-segment visual identification feature
  • The mode of operations are: coins, jewelry, individual customizable feature, and artifacts
  • The scale of metal identification ranges from 1-99
  • If has an ion identification feature
  • It sensitivity setting is up to 10 levels and 20 levels of volume settings
  • Has an improved ability to remember settings
  • It weighs only 1kg



This professional metallic detector is straightforward to use and adjustable. It is mild enough for the youngsters to operate but constructed with the superior era and powerful looking capabilities favored with the aid of the experts around the sector. Take it to the seashore, around the park, or on a hike and discover treasure anywhere you move! Its telescoping design makes this detector so light you’ll in no way need to depart without it. It is also regarded as a kids metal detector, the best metal detector for beginners, and also the best metal detector for the money.

Why should you buy it?

  • Superb overall performance and easy to operate
  • It features an amazing light design
  • Its 10” detection tool is waterproof
  • Has a headphone jack with an audio alert detection feature
  • It has three detection modes specially designed to clear out “rubbish” metals
  • Four sensitivity modes ensure you discover precious metals up-to 12 inches underground
  • It has a pinpoint button for improved accuracy
  • Its enhanced LCD display is quite easy to understand

What is a Metal Detector?

A metal detector is a digital device that has the potential to discover the presence of metal in walls, soil, water, or on any other surface without physical contact. Technically, if you have ever learned how to make metal detectors, you will agree with me that they work by emitting radio waves. When it detects secondary alerts that is when a metal is detected. This tool provides information about this fact by way of a sound sign. When it is turned on, an electromagnetic effect is triggered on its search head, which propagates into the surroundings. If a metal falls inside the range of a search coil of a metallic detector, then eddy currents are triggered on its surface under the effect of an electromagnetic field. Those currents create a counter electromagnetic field, which reduces the strength of the electromagnetic field of the coil. The information on the statistics received is processed alerts the presence of a metal.

Technology integrated into metal detectors

Both new and used metal detectors generate a magnetic field across their coil transmitters. As a result, the goal also has a magnetic flux underneath the coil, which catches the coil receiver. Then this magnetic flux is transformed into visible records at the display and a valid signature. VLF metal detector generates current within the coil transmitter and adjustments within the segment and voltage amplitude at the receiver to show the presence of metallic objects. However, pulse induction metal detector (PI) are prominent since it generates a transmitter cutting-edge that turns on for some time after which it suddenly turns off.

Note that the coil subject generates pulsed eddy currents inside the object, which can be detected by way of reading the attenuation of the waves caused in the receiver coil. This cycle repeats constantly.

What to consider when shopping for a metallic detector?

Whilst buying a metal detector, most customers prefer buying the pricey devices and believe that they are worth paying a big sum of money, and all precious items will be discovered from the ground. However, this is not the case; there are cheap metal detectors that offer exceptional results.

Firstly, you should ask yourself questions such as what gadget do you know how to use and what form of search are you planning to undertake? How much does a metal detector cost? Or how does a metal detector work? Also, while buying a metal detector, mainly when the quest is only a hobby, it’s far better also to pick up the less luxurious detectors. There are simple characteristics that have to be considered when shopping for the best metal detector. For instance, the best all-round metal detector should consist of the screen, discriminatory, search masks, coil, and other additional features. In comparison to the entire depth of metallic detectors, soil metal detectors are geared up with a display that displays the settings and presentations statistics at the findings.

Normally, the screen of the soil metal detector displays the records that the search engine is programmed to find. Below are the key things to put in mind before you buy metal detector:

  • Display of the discriminator statistics and seek masks allow you to determine the type of metal detected comfortably.
  • Pinpointer and depth to the goal indicate the precise willpower of the placement of the target and the intensity of its incidence.
  • Extra settings, consisting of an indication of the battery life, the set sensitivity of the detector.

All other statistics are secondary characteristics that demonstrate the consolation of using a certain metal detector.

What add-ons do you need with a metal detector?

The majority think that the treasure hunter does not need anything else besides a metal detector. However, this is not the case. Below are some of the additional accessories needed by a treasure hunter:

  • Shovel - This is the second vital device required by a treasure hunter. Indeed, without a shovel, you’ll not locate the treasure found with the aid of the best metal detectors. The ideal shovel should be comfortable, robust, and balances in the hands. Additionally, it should be compact. It helps to keep it hidden in a backpack. Also, ensure you sharpen it after buying.
  • Headphones. In case you want to dig critical unearths from the depths, then headphones are required. Frequently susceptible signals are skipped because of poor listening to the sound from the tool. And, for example, now not some distance from the toll road, for the duration of the wind within the forest, they will shop from immoderate noise.
  • Pinpointer - It is such an incomprehensible word, but a completely useful device. It determines the exact place of the goal, right down to the millimeter. All through, excavations are feasible inside the perimeter of the dug hole to keep pinpointer and find out the area of the item. It additionally substantially speeds up the hunt system in a sticky piece of soil. In addition, it is far always in hand and has a superb reaction to the metal.
  • Bag - It could be small and simple, but it goes a long way to ensure your metal detecting finds are safe in the pockets. For comfort, as opposed to a bag, you could use the patch pocket, that’s first-class attached to the trousers. So, the “treasure” will no longer be misplaced, and you may no longer carry a bag with you.
  • Backpack - It is ideal for lengthy journeys.  Before buying a backpack for a metal detector, you should ensure you pick a completely reliable and roomy version. It should be capable of fitting everything including the metal detector, a shovel, and the different stuff you need. Also, remember that you may have to put it on your back all day, so the backpack needs to be at ease, not to avert your motion.
  •  A knife and a flashlight- These are irreplaceable items while on a treasure hunt.

How deep can a sensor go?

So, at what depth will the sensor go? Normally, the depth in the majority of good metal detectors is just 20-30 cm and, in some cases, 40-50 cm, especially in powerful instruments. All metal objects are located deeper than fifty cm; in spite of everything, over ninety-nine of these objects are mostly lost things.

Imagine excavation every time over half a meter? Generally, sensible devices will react to longer distances – up to 1.5 meters. However, this can only apply to an oversized size such as a car. Coins can see a rare device within the ground to a distance of more than 40-50 cm deep. They are, of course, special metal detectors that see a depth of many meters. They are also created to search for massive metal objects only.

Where to search with the detector?

The best place to search is where there was a village settlement a long time ago. They are thought to be one of the best places for metal detecting. It is mainly because such places are quite straightforward to search out on the map, and that they occupy a huge area, and thus the losses in those times were plenty and, therefore, undertaking a search should be fundamental. You will be able to get coins from the seventeenth to the 20th century. Bazaars and fairs also are a good place to look. The hunt for coins in such places is going to be a pleasure. However, the problem is that such places don’t seem to be marked on the map, and also the digger has to grasp the precise coordinates.

One of the most profitable places, together with fairs and bazaars, are inns. They were settled in the main close to the doorway or exit to the village. A sufficiently sizable amount of coin metal detectors is realized in these areas. There are also other roads that are connected to districts and different villages, farms, and counties, which make it easy to access. Other nice places where you’ll be able to explore for treasure additionally are fords and crossings. The ford people were busy with other things, and often, nobody paid attention to the loss of coins. Coins were occasionally lost at the bridges.

Places of war in World War II are also one of the best places to hunt for treasure. Hunters will come across bayonets, cartridges, helmets, and guns. Excavations ought not to be on good metal detectors but also dispensed and rigorously, as there’s an opportunity to come across an entire charge, having lain within the ground for many years, it will still explode